Netradar India: A User Study

About the technical details

The Netradar application can be configured to run in the background at fixed intervals. This mode of measurement is known as ‘Passive mode’.

Using the application in passive mode helps to run measurement without the user’s involvement thus saving the effort required by the app users.

During your commute, your mobile connects to different base stations on the way. This will give us a broader picture of the network infrastructure when compared to performing multiple measurements in a stationary location.

Using GPS while measuring will improve the accuracy to pin-point the base station locations that do not provide 4G/LTE services by visualizing the network and infrastructure coverage maps for mobile operators.

We are interested in analysing the mobile network infrastructure and it’s quality of service. Using the application with cellular data connects to the cellular network which will provide us with a relevant snapshot of the mobile network performance and thereby allowing us to deduce the information about the possible infrastructure behind it.

We have created a test user account specifically for this user study so as to help us isolate the data that is collected for our purpose from the rest of the data. Moreover it will not require you to use your personal accounts thereby protecting your privacy.

Note: Please do not attempt to change the password or any other details of this test account.

4G is the new buzz word used by operators to sell their data services at a premium rate. This is evident by the popular “4G at 3G prices” advertisements of some of the popular mobile network operators. We are interested in identifying whether their existing infrastructure is capable of supporting the services that the operators are promising its customers.

When you have a 4G connection (which means you have a mobile phone that supports 4G technology, you have a 4G SIM card with 4G data plan), we can collect and analyze about the infrastructure that is used by your mobile network operator to provide you 4G services. This also allows us to see the infrastructure quality pertaining to the downward compatible technologies such as 3G and 2G. However, the other way round (i.e using 2G or 3G connections) will not allow us to collect the information about 4G. That is why we are more interested in 4G connections.

But if you don’t have 4G and still want to participate in our user study, please go ahead. We can still collect and analyze the data about 2G/3G network coverage, performance and the mobile phones used by our people.

Contact Details:
Kiran Kumar(kiran.kumar@aalto.fi)
Siddharth Rao (siddharth.rao@aalto.fi)